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A Documentary

About the power of love and comedy

A terminally ill man and a stand up comedian form an unlikely friendship to help him fulfill his dying wish… going out on a laugh.

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Exquisitely Done…

Chaplin-esque in the balance of laughter and (good) tears.

Bruce Baum,
Legendary Comedian
Los Angeles, CA USA


by Lisa and Michael, tremendous, and a great tutorial in Comedy

Chicago, USA

What Viewers Say...

Very Powerful…

I too live with a degenerative incurable disease, I was deeply impacted.

Susan Wheeler-Hall
Ontario, Canada

Outstanding Film

and Wonderful story.

Jeff, TV Producer
Los Angeles, CA USA
Lisa Alvarado, Stand Up Comedian (Left) and Sarah LaSpisa, Producer/Editor (Right)
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Lisa, Stand Up Comedian - Sarah, Producer/Editor
LA Amigas Productions
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