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For your viewing guidance, there is sensitive content (discussion about death and DWD)  and some strong language that may be inappropriate for younger children especially. This film has not been rated by MPAA or any film ratings organization. The current rating system we have in the USA is voluntary. 

72-Hour access to the movie begins from point of purchase. You will receive an email from [email protected] with your log-in and account information for return access.  Check your junk mail if cannot find this receipt or contact us for assistance.

You can cast videos to your AirPlay or Chromecast equipped TV or TV device.

  • AirPlay

To AirPlay a video to an Apple TV or other AirPlay-capable device tap the AirPlay icon, start playing a video within the iOS app, tap the AirPlay icon, and select the device where you want to play your video.

  • Chromecast

To cast a video to a Google Chromecast device, an Android TV device, or a device with Chromecast built-in, start playing a video within the iOS or Android mobile app, tap the Chromecast icon, and select your preferred device.

Each voucher code you purchase enables 72-hours of access to movie. When purchased, an email with exclusive code(s) will be sent to email address you provide.  If you purchase multiple codes send them to yourself and share them with your friends as you chose. Streaming access begins once the voucher is redeemed at checkout (Apply Gift Card) and an account is set up.

We want you to watch the movie and are so grateful that you are here. By choosing “Name Your Price” you are agreeing to give more towards the purpose and production of this film… promoting the healing power of comedy.  Your contribution is not tax-deductible.  For a purchase gift of $50 or more, you will receive a voucher which allows another viewing for yourself or to share with a friend.  You will also receive a special thanks credit on the final version of the film for contribution of $200 or more. 

LA Amigas Productions is a production company, co-owned by Lisa Alvarado and Sarah LaSpisa.  If you have any other inquiries, comments or concerns please email us at or [email protected]