“Support my funny friend’s serious project”

“While not one to joke 24/7, Lisa is always ‘on’ with ideas of what to do between shows. And it’s not always comedy.

Two years ago, she befriended an audience member named Michael Schmid who has Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS) and was, by then, in a wheelchair. Michael had a crazy dream: He wanted to do stand-up comedy before the disease took away his speech (and eventually his life). Thanks to Lisa, his dream came true.” (Read Entire Blog)

The Coronado Times  Michael Schmid: “The Journey is the Destination” By Aimee Richer

On November 23, Schmid featured onstage at Comedy Palace in Kearny Mesa. With the guidance of comedienne mentor Lisa Alvarado, Michael accomplished in just three weeks what professional comedians take nine or ten months to prepare:

“Lisa was strict but kind, and honest without being nasty. She enlisted friends and top comedic writers from as far as LA to help me write and practice and not be a fool. She taught me about timing and to think of the experience as a conversation between myself and the audience.” (Read Entire Article)

Last Day “Nobody thought this was the right choice” by Bill Manson

…just in case you think he doesn’t see a funny side to this, recently he launched his own career as a stand-up (okay, sit-down) comic. With the help of the comedienne Lisa Alvarado and her comedy writer friends, he actually achieved a lifelong ambition: November 23rd, he performed a 15-minute act to a live audience at the Comedy Palace in Kearny Mesa.  (Read Entire Article)

Michael Schmid’s Postmortem Jokes by Bill Manson

“Finding comedy in tragedy is what comedians do best.” 

…The audience laughs. They’re tuned in to what’s going on. As she approaches the one-year anniversary of her friend Michael Schmid’s death, comedian Lisa Alvarado is here (the Comedy Palace, Kearny Mesa), sharing Michael’s jokes from his first and last comedy show.